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Shar is unable to take on new clients. If you have worked with Shar in the past, please email for the link to the booking system. 

You are very welcome to attend one of Shar's free guided meditations, Youtube talks or retreats.

These online private sessions provide support for your awakening journey. You set the pace and work on what is most relevant for you at this time. This may involve looking at a belief that is causing you suffering, learning how to investigate the subject to all the internal talking, or establishing where a concept or story of the mind began.


Each session is unique and will go as deep as you allow it to go. If you wish to use your time to rest in presence, then that is fine as well. Whatever feels right for you. 

Sessions may include:

  • illumination of personal and collective conditioning, dysfunctional behaviours, and coping strategies

  • investigating the origin of certain beliefs and working through techniques to release them

  • self-inquiry

  • meditation practices

  • investigating identities and attachments 

These sessions are not therapy and Shar is not a therapist. If you have a lot of unresolved trauma, it is possible that Shar may not be able to work with you and it is strongly suggested that you get support from a specialised trauma therapist. Please click here for directories to therapists. 

Terms and conditions

- Working with Shar during a private session is not a substitute for licensed medical, psychological, or psychiatric diagnosis and treatment. Shar Jason can take no responsibility for any decisions you make. 

- Please provide at least 24 hours notice for changing or cancelling a private session, otherwise you will forfeit the full fee (except for extenuating circumstances). 

- If you would prefer Skype over Zoom, please let Shar know. 

- Please check your camera and microphone are working before the session starts, as sessions cannot be extended or rescheduled due to technical issues. If you are having technical difficulties at the start of your session, please email

- Unfortunately, your session cannot be extended if you are late. Shar will wait on Zoom for 15 minutes and if you do not attend during this time, then the session will be cancelled without a refund. 

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