As a professional intuitive for over seven years, I support you to see what is hidden.


This service is beneficial if you're feeling blocked or confused about something that is occurring, if you are having trouble letting go of a repeating pattern or person, or if you want to understand why you feel unfulfilled or unhappy. I do not predict the future, I look at why you're feeling stuck now and we work together to release these painful, limiting ways of being. 


This is also a safe space to explore your spiritual side, regardless of your spiritual background. If you are going through a spiritual awakening, this service can assist with highlighting where you're identified and how to let go of the illusion. ​​​


- 15 minute free trial if you haven't worked with me before, book below

- 30, 60 or 90 minute sessions available, please use the system below to book

- All sessions are held on Zoom. You will be sent a link once you complete your booking

- Please provide 24 hours' notice for cancellation and rescheduling, otherwise you forfeit the fee 

- Not a substitute for psychological advice, Shar Jason can take no responsibility for any decision you make



Shar brings an uncommon amount of integrity, proficiency, honesty, and insight to her intuitive work. She has the patience to guide one along a path of development, and the knowledge and personal experience to teach on a variety of topics. You will find her a supportive and resourceful partner in your spiritual and intuitive work.


Shar is part intuitive, part counsellor. I honestly have never had much success with any counselling, but Shar found hidden "sticky bits" from patterns that I need to change to move forward in my life. She is truly remarkable - please, if you have any past trauma, give Shar a go. The place that she creates is a safe one of complete healing. Non judgemental counselling at its best, with a good chunk of intuition