One on One Support for the Spiritual Journey

As I do not come from a spiritual tradition or lineage, my offering is based on my own experience of awakening. I have been deeply immersed in the tragedy and dysfunction of humanity in this life, and this allows me to meet others with great compassion and empathy. Regardless of how difficult your life has been to this point, you are able to heal and let go of the illusion of you - in fact, it is your birthright and reason for existence.

I see the awakening path as two-fold. One part is the unravelling process that lets go of all the identification which is keeping the illusion of a separate self in place, and the other is a maturing and learning process of the soul.

These sessions are intuitively guided and may include:

- illumination of personal and collective conditioning, dysfunctional behaviours, and coping strategies

- inquiring into belief systems - we may investigate the origin of certain beliefs and look for the best way to release them

- accessing and opening your heart centre - for many of us, we have unknowingly closed off our heart to help us to deal with the challenges of life. Awakening asks us to warm this centre back up, to allow unconditional love to flow through us. 

- learning how to tune into what life is showing you - when we learn the language of life and are open to hearing the truth, we begin to see the opportunity for healing and growth, hidden as life's challenges. Life is our greatest teacher.

- being with uncomfortable emotions - as we allow for any emotion to be there and embrace it with love, we support the natural healing process


- Sessions are 60 minutes.

- To pay, please click on the "donate" button which will take you to PayPal. Please pay between A$80-A$120, depending on what you can afford.

- Once you have made the payment, I will email the email address connected to your PayPal account to organise a time for us to meet online.

- You will be sent a Zoom link for the meeting once we have a confirmed a time.

- I take confidentiality seriously and will never share any of your information with anyone

- These sessions are not a substitute for psychological advice, and Shar Jason can take no responsibility for any decision you make.

- If you have any questions, please email


Shar brings an uncommon amount of integrity, proficiency, honesty, and insight to her intuitive work. She has the patience to guide one along a path of development, and the knowledge and personal experience to teach on a variety of topics. You will find her a supportive and resourceful partner in your spiritual and intuitive work.


Shar is part intuitive, part counsellor. I honestly have never had much success with any counselling, but Shar found hidden "sticky bits" from patterns that I need to change to move forward in my life. She is truly remarkable - please, if you have any past trauma, give Shar a go. The place that she creates is a safe one of complete healing. Non judgemental counselling at its best, with a good chunk of intuition