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Spiritual awakening is a challenging process and I'm honoured to work with people during such a vulnerable time. If you feel you would like to deepen your practice I offer one-on-one support online. You set the pace and together we work through whatever arises. Each session is unique and intuitively guided but may include:

  • working through a block, such as resistance, a coping strategy or hidden belief

  • gentle illumination of personal and collective conditioning

  • investigating the origin of certain beliefs and working through techniques to release them

  • step-by-step self-inquiry practice to deepen access to your true nature

  • heart opening practices, emotional work, shadow work

  • learning about awakening, including understanding reality and unconditional love

  • fine-tuning meditation practices to continually deepen access to your essential nature

  • identifying attachments, dysfunctional behaviours, core wounds, identities, egoic drives


Please book using the scheduling system below. You can choose either AUD$160, AUD$190 or AUD$220 depending on what you can afford.


- If you have a lot of unresolved trauma it is possible that Shar may not be able to work with you at this time, and it's suggested you get support from a specialised trauma therapist. Please click here for a directory of therapists. 

- Working with Shar is not a substitute for licensed medical, psychological, or psychiatric diagnosis and treatment. Shar Jason can take no responsibility for any decisions you make. 

- Please provide at least 24 hours notice for changing or cancelling a private session, otherwise you will forfeit the full fee (except for extenuating circumstances). 

- Please check your camera and microphone are working before the session starts, as sessions cannot be extended or rescheduled due to technical issues. If you are having technical difficulties at the start of your session, please email Shar.

- Unfortunately, your session cannot be extended if you are late. No refunds are offered if you do not attend a session.

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