After a challenging childhood I settled into a "normal" life, unknowingly doing everything I could to avoid facing my childhood trauma. I was naturally a mystical person having strong intuition and the ability to deeply empathize with people and animals.

I tried to conform and do what I thought people expected of me, but I was unhappy and unfulfilled. I kept changing jobs and businesses trying to find meaning and joy. By 2008 this search had led me to being stuck in a challenging financial situation where I felt completely desperate. I was depressed and sick, and got to the point where I felt like the only option was to end my life. When I was faced with the reality of that moment and realised that I couldn't go through with it, I entered into what could be called a dark night of the soul. I had lost nearly everything, had no idea who I was anymore, and so began a spiritual awakening. 


Over time I found a teacher Adyashanti and mentor Susanne Marie. The awakening path was one of healing karma and trauma, facing every painful emotion that arose. When the seeking ended there was a sense of being reborn. The mind emptied out and the spiritual heart expanded to what felt like eternity. The personal suffering was removed and freedom, clarity and love remained. 


In my free time you'll find me talking to birds, hugging trees, patting dogs and hiking. I hope that this is a time for change, that we can go beyond our self-interest so that Earth and her animals will suffer less. 

I am very grateful to be able to support others on this remarkable, yet natural path to happiness, peace and freedom. If you would like to know more about how I can support you, please click here or email me at info@sharjason.com.