About me..

By the age of 11, I had experienced sexual, physical and verbal abuse, the death of my brother, neglect and abandonment. I was born with a big karmic load, but a strong willingness to heal as much of it as possible. Digging deep into emotional and trauma healing, allowed me to open up to my true essence and my spiritual gifts. The more I unraveled, the more I could access the stillness and authentic power that had always been there.

I am still on a healing and awakening path, but the personal healing work I have done to this point has opened up a unique healing ability. I have been working in the spiritual/healing industry since 2015, previously offering intuitive readings, regressions and spiritual counselling. I now incorporate my skills to offer a healing modality that works on many levels - providing illumination of the truth and healing karmic patterns. 

My life experience and own healing journey, allows me to meet my clients without judgement. I understand pain and suffering. I have dived into despair, grief, shame and rage. I have faced the deep aloneness that comes from trauma and awakening, and understand the spiritual yearning for truth, connection and love. 


My healing and awakening path has opened up strong empath gifts that allow me to connect deeply with other people, animals and the environment. I am passionate about animal rights and environmental issues, and hope that with each person that heals and/or awakens, the Earth and it's animals will suffer less. 

How I can help...

My healings work by uncovering patterns, wounds, traumas or beliefs that may be hindering you. The healing energy illuminates the truth and reveals to you what you really need to know, so you can let go of what is blocking you. This allows you to manifest better outcomes in your life and is particularly beneficial if you are going through a spiritual awakening.

If you would like to know more about this service, please email me at info@sharjason.com.

Love to you

Shar xx

Relevant qualifications

- Master level Reiki and Seichim - June 2014

- Certificate in Metaphysical studies, Natural Energies College - April 2015

- Professional Intuitive Training Program, Anna Sayce - April 2015

- Certificate of Basic Hypnosis, The Jackson Institute - Nov 2016

- Soul Regression Therapy, The Jackson Institute - Nov 2016

- Shamanic Transfiguration, Sandra Ingerman - Oct 2019