I was born with a heavy karmic load. I had a very challenging childhood and remember escaping by resting my energy inside of birds - anything to avoid being in my body. I had almost died three times by the time I was 18, it was like my soul was trying to decide to commit to this life or not. 

I settled into a "normal" life, unknowingly doing everything I could to avoid facing my childhood trauma. I was naturally a mystical person always having a strong intuition, often seeing beings from the spirit world and had the ability to deeply empathize and merge with other people, animals and the nature around me. 

I struggled to fit into society and do what was expected of me. I kept changing jobs and businesses trying to find meaning and happiness. This search led me to being stuck in a challenging financial situation where I felt completely hopeless and desperate. I was depressed and sick and got to the point where I felt like the only option was to kill myself. When I was faced with the reality of that moment and realized that I couldn't go through with it, I entered into a dark night of the soul. I had lost nearly everything and had no idea who I was anymore. This was the start of my spiritual awakening and led me on a 10 year awakening and healing journey.

My awakening path was one of healing karma and trauma. Accessing and healing my past lives was a crucial part to my ego being able to let go. I have always been able to see past lives and I use this ability to access my client's past lives. The deeper I went into my soul's journey, the more my ego was able to let go. I faced that in past lives I was a murderer, a rapist, cruel and selfish. I saw that sometimes I'm a perpetrator and sometimes a victim, but none of these roles was who I truly was. I was the vast unmoving emptiness that is unborn and undying.

Through facing the shadow side of my soul and having a willingness to be uncomfortable and face every painful emotion that arose, I was able to heal and integrate the split parts of my psyche. I saw that there was no separate somebody that needed to have value or be loved, that what I am has always been complete and whole, and that I had always been love. I saw that I had never been in control of my life and every single thing that had happened to me was divinely arranged so consciousness could wake up through this body. 

I am very grateful to be able to support others on this remarkable, yet natural path to happiness and freedom. I use psychic and empath gifts to reveal what you would benefit seeing, and healing techniques such as hypnosis and inner child work to assist in integration of the psyche. 

If you would like to know more about how I can support you, please click here or email me at info@sharjason.com.

Much love

Shar xx