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I’ve come across Shar in a YouTube interview she was a guest on. I could feel from her eyes and expression she has gone through deep stuff from the awakening perspective. I’ve done one on one conversations and participated in her group meetings. This has been helping me in moving forward with my own awakening process. I’m so grateful for having Shar as a mentor/teacher of my own unfolding.

- Marcelo

Shar's experience and knowledge helped make the disorienting process of awakening much more manageable for me. She has a unique ability to connect with people on a deep level and radiates compassion, which makes her an ideal guide for anyone going through this transformational journey. Shar's empathetic nature creates a safe space where you can explore your thoughts and feelings without judgment. She is patient, understanding, and always available to provide guidance and support whenever you need it.


I highly recommend Shar to anyone who is looking for an experienced guide to help them navigate the awakening process. Her ability to connect with people and her vast knowledge of this process makes her an invaluable resource for anyone looking to deepen their understanding of themselves and the world around them.

- Mike

I can ask Shar anything, everything is out in the open.

You explain the ancient path so well in your own words and from your own experience. 

Authentic and contemporary non-duality.

- Bob

Shar's meditation session hit the sweet spot for me in multiple ways.  Some initial grounding within the body and standard mindfulness, followed by some self-inquiry guidance, with lots of silent space for listeners to delve in without the constant instruction that can make some meditations more distracting or even like a lecture.  Shar's direct, simple and incredibly peaceful guidance during our meditation was very helpful and enjoyable!

- Levi

Shar has been very helpful to me. I find her finely attuned to potential obstacles and misunderstandings we encounter on this path of awakening. She was very helpful assisting me identify and feel unconscious repressed emotions which were blocking the natural flow of awareness.

- Simon

Shar, finding you was the most important thing in this life. 

You talk really simple, but deep inside. 

And your words and experience are full of meaning. 

Meditate with you, touch every cell of my body

For many years I wait for your presence. 

Thank you so much!

- Miguel

Shar has a beautiful calming energy, her experience, pointings, and meditations have a very powerful transmission which have greatly benefited me in my awakening.

- Ann

Shar is fabulous and I can highly recommend her 1:1 sessions, small group sessions and Satsangs, without reservation, if you really want to face your ego head on. But I can’t promise you’ll enjoy it. In fact I can probably promise that you won’t enjoy it. So go elsewhere if you want someone to soothe and pacify you, someone to make you feel spiritual and important, or someone put on a pedastool. Shar has been of paramount importance in my journey in the last few months and I only wish I had known about her earlier. I’m greatful that the internet exists, as we are so far apart. She’s the teacher I didn’t even know I needed. My ego doesn’t even want to call her my teacher, because she tells it like it is. And that can be uncomfortable, as well as utterly, ruthlessly liberating. I’m left with nothing (false) to hold on to after a session with her. And yet I book more sessions because something deeper in me recognises that the opportunity to work with her is always too good to miss. 


The 1:1 sessions will allow you to focus on whatever is most needed, at that time, and Shar will share her wisdom, encourage you to go deeper, support you with emotion work, guide inquiry and make bespoke practice suggestions. I have never had a 1:1 session with her in which I didn’t feel stretched. The small group sessions are an intimate way to practice vulnerable open inquiry and sharing, and to learn from and with others. And the Satsangs combine meditation with question and answer in a quite a small group setting. I access them all, regularly. From the outset Shar has gently and supportively, but firmly challenged me. She has abilities she doesn’t advertise or boast about that make her an incredible, advanced facilitator. She’s genuinely humble, authentic and inspiring and my ego desperately someone more glamorous and far less effective to work with. But I’m sticking to Shar! 

- Sarah

Shar is truly a one of a kind.  Her unique ability to remain both completely focused and present during her group sessions is truly impressive.  Her responses to questions are always complete and well thought out.  For someone seeking truth, I strongly recommend attending any one of her sessions.  She's the real deal.

- John

Working with Shar has been invaluable during my sometimes turbulent journey. Her deep compassion and wise pointing consistently and gracefully nudges me back on the path when I feel lost. I am extremely grateful to receive her gentle yet powerful guidance.

- Mike

Shar’s presence and support through 1-on-1 work has been deeply helpful on my journey. She was particularly helpful as I worked through sticky and heavy shame issues that I’ve dealt with since childhood. I had worked with these things with multiple therapists and healers before, but Shar was by far the most direct and effective. Her effectiveness seems to stem from the fact that she’s genuinely done her own work and feels like an awakened presence from which my issues could be seen cleanly and clearly. Her small inquiry groups have also been powerful. I highly recommend her 1-on-1 and small group services, in my humble opinion she’s the real deal. For reference, I’m a trained psychotherapist with 8 years of experience and 10 years of meditation practice.

- Bill

I found the session with Shar extremely helpful and relevant to my awakening journey. She seems to have the perfect combination of knowledge, personal experience, and intuition to guide people to recognizing their own true nature. 

- Christy

I have only started to work with Shar and only after a few sessions I can say my life is never gonna be the same. Shar introduced me to emotional work, and little did I know how much I had buried in my life story. I like working with Shar because she is really sensitive to pick up on my hidden patterns and she is always very direct and one hundred percent transparent. I also like that she had a really tough journey herself and she always share from her experience. When I started on this journey I was looking to run away from suffering and with Shar's guidance, I'm slowly growing to accept the challenges life brings up and I feel more grounded to live through this tough life we find ourselves into. Thanks Shar for your guidance in this crazy crazy reality.

- Cesar

How to explain my experience of being a member of Shar's online groups? It feels that the best explanation would be found outside in the wide open spaces beyond the walls of my experience and these words into a world where we are already, where my mind has a conniption about going and staying for long, let alone remembering it is that simple. As part of Shar's groups I go into the tunnel of my experience and then I'm lead gently out into that wide-open space again and again by Shar's presence and clear words. Shar has lead me back into the light over and over where I feel my heart humming with love. Ultimately perhaps my explanation is the consistent reminder of the alive presence, the immense impersonal love found in all of life's experiences, mine and others.

- Lynda

Over the last several months, Shar has been instrumental in my spiritual journey.  The space she holds during her meditation sessions are palpable.  I have experienced both deep silence and intense processing during these one hour sessions.  Her YouTube videos feel like they are recorded just for me, in most cases directly addressing what arrises in me.  I am deeply grateful for her direct and gentle sharing. 

- Gaya

I would just like to highlight how much I appreciate your sharing, meditation’s you have led, I have listened to much of your content which has been an absolute godsend at times. I do hope to connect with you for a one to one at some point, when hopefully I can align time frame. Thank you so very much for your honest vulnerable sharing and guidance, I have no doubt you have made an immense impact to those whom have discovered you. Much love and respect.

- Juliette

I’ve been working with and following Shar for approximately two and a half years. I’ve participated in Satsangs, Meditations, and a Private Session. Awakening is an intensely personal process of discovery, transformation, and growth.  In addition to the resources to be found in Books, Social Media, YouTube, and elsewhere on the Internet, a personal guide or advisor is a helpful addition in the process. 


Shar has the insight, compassion, experience, knowledge, and patience to provide support and assistance in a variety of ways. Please consider her personal resources to complement your Awakening effort.  The journey is often best conducted with a familiar partner along. Allow her to be at your side as you wish!

- David

Shar was an invaluable help during my awakening process. In our 1-on-1 sessions, her anchoring presence and loving awareness facilitated the self-inquiry process enormously, and the clear pointings in her videos and group mediations provided further skillful assistance with navigating the ongoing journey of unbinding from identities, especially during its rougher patches.

- Tom

I found Shar's presence to be a calm yet penetrating force, and could sense how deep these sessions could go if I really committed myself.

- Jason

I had one to one and small group sessions with Shar recently and I am very grateful to have met such gentle being. I was met with an open listening heart and received powerful tools to continue my shadow work. Shar was able to guide "me" with depth and intuitive knowing. A very transformative experience which I highly recommend. With gratitude.

- Nicole

I've only worked with Shar for a short time, but already I feel a shift occurring in my life. From our first meeting, I felt a profound sense of trust in her and ready to allow her intuition to guide me on this path.

- Lauren

I like your meditation sessions. Your guidance in between brings my wandering mind to attention and your questions and pointers in between sometimes are really provoking to the mind.  Once in a while you give my mind a rest and I hope that your presence may someday reveal my true nature. Thanks and Love.

- Dhiraj

Doing one-on-one sessions with Shar has been life changing for me. Her guidance and intuition have been on point, helping me to dive deep into areas that have been challenging to access on my own.  Having such a kind and clear partner in this awakening journey has been a tremendous help, and I look forward to each successive session.

- David

Whether you want to see who you truly are or want to connect with your feelings more, I can give a heartfelt recommendation to meet up with Shar. She is understanding and relatable to whatever you are going through.

- Jussi

This is my experience of connecting with Shar on a one-on-one session. We talked for an hour and I asked Shar about the things that I was going through. Her insight was so spot on and helpful that it would be safe for me to say that after that call, a new version of me emerged. I feel immensely thankful to Shar for helping me move closer to myself. 


We talked about false identities and her observation about me having an identification with "a good and kind person" came to light. This helped me shed a massive load of identity which was hiding in plain sight in my life from me. She also enlightened me about how I can release some childhood trauma I had. I followed her instruction of letting my emotions out and accepting however I'm feeling and integrating it as a valid experience and not judging myself for having it. That also greatly liberated me. 


I'm crying as I write this with love and gratefulness towards Shar for coming as a guiding light to propel me forward in my spiritual process. And I'm incredibly appreciative of her for introducing Adyashanti to me, who then cleared a lot of things for me with his love and light. 

- Omin

Grateful to be introduced to Shar. Something had resonated strongly here with her online videos. Having attended a Satsang group for a while and experienced many blissful states, something felt as if it was getting caught up in experience alone. Nothing wrong with that in itself and it can be relaxing for the body-mind but this character was prompted to look at it from another perspective. So a one to one was arranged with Shar who was very kind, intuitive and supportive throughout the session and acknowledged that this intuition that had come up was a good sign. During the session shadow work was discussed, which really resonated here on a deep level. Although this character felt that it didn’t have much trauma, after just a little digging around it was clear that there was indeed quite a bit of unresolved trauma in the body. A few days after the one to one session there seemed to be a remembering of old traumas which had completely been forgotten or justified and bypassed. A very natural process started to unfold prompted by a piece of music which obviously triggered some deep emotion. Somehow all these past traumas as well as other actions that seem to cause shame arose. Instead of rejecting them, they were allowed to come up to the surface and be processed through lots of deep uncontrolled crying and acceptance, which went on for an hour or so and were finally released. Not sure how this release happened but afterwards there was a lightness and a joy that felt so good. Lots of work still to do here but thanks to Shar the ability to navigate such painful and difficult emotions was somehow managed. Hugely grateful for Shar's guidance. Thanks so much! 

- W. H. Andrew

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