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This Zoom Satsang is held on the first Sunday of every month (PDT). 


Join Shar for a guided meditation and awakening talk, followed by questions, explorations and inquiry. 


There is a group limit so if you're unable to purchase above it means the meeting is fully booked. Please check the date carefully as there may be multiple options. Once you purchase, you will be emailed a Zoom link.

Please note - these meetings are recorded and segments are occasionally uploaded to YouTube. If you do not wish to be recorded, please advise Shar during the meeting or email her at

"How to explain my experience of being a member of Shar's online groups? It feels that the best explanation would be found outside in the wide open spaces beyond the walls of my experience and these words into a world where we are already, where my mind has a conniption about going and staying for long, let alone remembering it is that simple. As part of Shar's groups, I go into the tunnel of my experience and then I'm lead gently out into that wide-open space again and again by Shar's presence and clear words. Shar has led me back into the light over and over where I feel my heart humming with love. Ultimately perhaps my explanation is the consistent reminder of the alive presence, the immense impersonal love found in all of life's experiences, mine and others."

- Lynda

CLICK HERE for more testimonials. 

Previous discussions have included:

~ How to do self-inquiry (who am I?) ~ Going into the story of "me" vs transcending ~ How to embrace humanness ~ The challenges on the awakening path ~ The misconceptions around being awake ~ Working with existential fear ~ How to meditate to benefit awakening ~ How to investigate the subject/doer ~ How to process shame ~ What is a sense of self? ~ When to take a break from awakening


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