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Who am I?

When we believe our negative thoughts, we suffer.

When we believe we're separate from life, we suffer.

When we believe we can control the uncontrollable, we suffer.

When we believe we are separate, we suffer.


Awakening is the journey of surrendering these beliefs that cause our suffering, allowing us to live a life of freedom, peace and happiness. 

Shar's approach to spiritual awakening is to focus on experiencing what is true directly. Through clear pointers and compassionate guidance, Shar provides support for those wishing to deepen their spiritual practice. 

"The deeper inward we go, the emptier we become. This emptiness cuts through any remnant of identity. As we let go of the story of who we think we are, we access the deeper aspects of our divine formlessness. We then become an expression of this unbelievable paradox of emptiness in form, living as unconditional love."

- Shar

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"Shar has been of paramount importance in my journey in the last few months and I only wish I had known about her earlier. I’m grateful that the internet exists, as we are so far apart. She’s the teacher I didn’t even know I needed. My ego doesn’t even want to call her my teacher, because she tells it like it is. And that can be uncomfortable, as well as utterly, ruthlessly liberating." - Sarah

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How Shar supports:

           On the level of mind:

- disidentification with thoughts - shifting into the witnessing position (becoming aware of awareness)

- understanding the mind - identifying beliefs and "me" thoughts, recognising avoidance and coping strategies, understanding collective, genetic and personal conditioning

- self inquiry - from traditional techniques such as "who am I?" to day to day contemplation

              On the level of heart:

- disidentification with emotions and developing emotional awareness - uncovering and identifying repressed emotions, discovering the full emotional range, healthy processing of the emotional content of the story/character, shadow work 

              On the level of body:

- disidentification with the body - sensations and the body as a whole

- body awareness - through meditation practices, understanding the language of the body

body awakening
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