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Shar Jason spiritual teacher

The spiritual awakening journey is a sacred and natural unfolding, where we remember who we truly are. What may start as glimpses of a deeper state of consciousness, where we experience causeless happiness and peace, evolves into a deep healing journey. We are tested to our limits, emptied of illusion and become awestruck by our immensity. 


Through this metamorphosis, we are changed forever. We become a living expression of unconditional love where we love everyone and everything because it is us. We no longer feel divided inside and this slowly develops into a non-dual way of being. 

Shar Jason is a spiritual teacher who supports seekers to embody Truth. 

Rock Balancing


Buddhist Singing Bowl


White lotus in a lake


How Shar supports:

         On the level of mind:

- meditation and inquiry to support disidentification with thoughts - shifting into the witnessing position (becoming aware of awareness) and allowing a deepening into presence

- understanding the mind - identifying beliefs and identities, recognising avoidance and coping strategies, understanding collective, genetic and personal conditioning

- self inquiry - from traditional techniques such as "who am I?" to day-to-day contemplation

            On the level of heart:

- developing emotional awareness - discovering the full emotional range,  uncovering and identifying repressed emotions,  opening blockages in the heart, shadow work

- heart opening to unconditional love - working through the layers between self love and unconditional love           

              On the level of body:

- developing body awareness - reconnecting with the body through meditation and somatic practicesunderstanding the language of the body

- disidentification with the body - investigating where we have unconsciously believed the body is ours

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