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Awakening - Working With Fear

During the awakening process, we inevitably start to touch upon fear. Initially, we may be scared of all the changes that are taking place, scared of awakening and be anxious about what our life will look like post-awakening. Then deeper levels of fear begin to arise - we start fearing death, become fearful of not existing, and perhaps fear insanity. We may fear coming out of hiding and fear fully coming into life. This teaching provides many techniques and inquiries that can support the different types of fears that arise.

Talking points include:

- existential fear - fear of death, fear of insanity, fear of not existing
- fear of life
- managing fear related trauma
- fear of your life changing during awakening, fear of coping after awakening
- inquiries, meditations and techniques for managing fear
- the gifts hiding in fear
- how to develop trust in the process

I hope this teaching offers you some peace during this challenging part of awakening.

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