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We are a Giant Paradox

No-Self vs No Separate Self

Why We Feel Separate

Embracing Our Humanity


If you would like to go deeper into the teachings, please watch part one for free below by clicking the red play button and access the rest of the teaching by clicking the purchase button.

Realizations & Openings

This 54-minute teaching describes different realizations, transitions and awakening experiences and includes:
- Realization "I am not the mind"
- Realization "I am emptiness" but I'm still not there yet
- Learning about beliefs and identities - Is there a true belief?
- Different practices as the journey unfolds, self-inquiry, meditation, neti-neti
- Conceptual understanding vs experiencing directly
- Realization "There's no going back"
- Am I getting close to "the awakening?"

Using Relationships to Support Awakening

This 50-minute talk explores the ways we can use relationships to help heal the psyche and benefit awakening. It includes:

- Inquiry work to look for identification of roles and relationships
- Shadow work with examples
- How to do inner child work triggered by relationship
- Locating karmic imprints, triggers and core wounds/themes 
- How to set boundaries
- Codependency, independence, rescuing and people-pleasing
- How heartbreak and loss is a portal to heart awakening

Self-Inquiry Practice (Step-by-Step Guide)

This detailed two hour teaching on how to do self-inquiry includes:

- trying to find the illusory separate self (the "me")
- technical pointers to improve self-inquiry
- how to choose an inquiry question that's most relevant

- what is identification and why it's so important
- Q & A with specific inquiry examples 

- conceptual understanding of Truth vs direct experience
- why we experience fear and disorientation during self-inquiry

Awakening - Working With Fear

This 1-hour indepth teaching on fear related to spiritual awakening includes

- existential fear - fear of death, fear of insanity, fear of not existing
- managing fear related trauma during awakening
- fear of your life changing during awakening, fear of coping after awakening
- inquiries, meditations and techniques for managing fear
- the gifts hiding in fear
- how to develop trust in the awakening process

- how to lean into fear in a safe way

How to Break Beliefs and Identities

This 2-hour teaching begins with how beliefs originate, how karma becomes conditioning, asking "Is it true?", and the difference between conscious and unconscious beliefs. Topics include:
- what are identities, are they different from beliefs?
- how beliefs make us suffer
- finding evidence and changing language to break beliefs
- emotional work to find the core of beliefs
- core wounds/beliefs - I am unworthy, I am unlovable
- techniques to break beliefs and identities

How the Mind Prevents Awakening

This 2-hour teaching talks about the tricks of the mind and why learning how our mind works, is crucial to the awakening process. Topics include:
- spiritual ego/identity - ego's greatest trick
- tricks of the mind with examples
- breaking coping and avoidance strategies for harmony and progress
- why we hide in the mind - judging thoughts creating disharmony and division
- liberation beyond the illusion of control
- cultivating humility amongst ego

Liberation from Emotional Turmoil

This 2-hour teaching discusses the importance of emotional work during a spiritual awakening and provides techniques on how to do it. Topics include:
- what blocks us from going deeper into emotional work
- when to seek help
- practices to deepen into emotional content
- existential emotions
- aloneness, fear of not existing, grief over loss of self
- using triggers to monitor progress on the path
- what is a healthy emotional reaction
- are we still emotional when we're awake

Resistance and Attachments

This two-hour teaching on resistance and attachments, highlights how we can identify egoic tendencies and relax back into our true nature.

Topics include:
- what is ego and how to recognise it
- how to support surrender
- why we fight and struggle
- resisting awakening, resisting life
- what attachments we lose during awakening
- fixations, addictions, obsession, clinging
- how to navigate acceptance

Surrender Beliefs About Awakening

This two-hour teaching on surrendering beliefs about spiritual awakening includes:

- What does an enlightened person look like? How do they behave?  

- Belief - I don't deserve liberation, it's for others, not me

- Belief - Liberation is not possible, it's not real

- How to develop trust in the mystery - Angst of not being awake

- Belief - I don't have what it takes...

- Who wakes up?

- Surrendering seeking

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