Soul Blueprint Reading 

Using the Akashic Records and numerology, I reveal what areas you are working on and healing in this life. This is very beneficial if you are on a spiritual path or have been searching for your life purpose. The Akashic Records are the etheric database where all the information is held. Before you incarnated, you decided to work on various life lessons to help you to heal your karma, and work towards liberation. This is not a full Akashic Record reading or a full numerology reading. After working with clients for many years, I have selected the crucial parts of both types of readings and put them together to provide a clear outline of your soul's path and challenges. 

This reading includes :

- your life path number and how that relates to your karmic patterns, life purpose, your life lessons and challenges

- your destiny number, which is the pathway your soul has chosen to achieve your life purpose

- what you are learning and challenged by in each chapter of your life - this includes information about your healing path and propensity towards spiritual awakening 

- the general theme and learnings for the year (personal year number)

- your life lessons - the things you are learning about in order to heal your karma 

- your soul training - the area you trained in before incarnating (this can give an indication of your life purpose)

- the archetypes or soul gifts you chose - you chose these particular gifts because they are relevant to your life's purpose and healing path

The session is held online on Zoom or at my home at Ocean Shores NSW Australia and goes for 90 minutes. Once you purchase below through PayPal, I will email you to schedule a time to work together. The price includes all of the work I do prior to your session in the Akashic Records. 

Soul Blueprint Reading

$190 AUD