• Shar Jason

Why is it so Hard to Heal the Past?

We all have trauma, pain, karma, genetic wounds, and repressed emotions that need healing. So if we are all wounded humans, why is it so difficult for us to admit we need help and actually go and face ourselves? Unfortunately there are many things that hold us back from taking authentic steps towards healing. Some of these are:

- we have learnt how to distract ourselves in so many ways - social media, TV shows, eating, smoking, drugs. Anything to avoid digging in to how we really feel

- we tell ourselves we don't have enough time, or we fill up all our time to ensure we can avoid looking at ourselves

- we get in a comfort zone of being in pain - at least it's familiar and feels safe in it's own way

- we've been conditioned by our caregivers and society to hide from ourselves - to hold emotions inside, to not ask questions about family dynamics, to put on a brave face

- we're scared of feeling deep emotions - perhaps we've never allowed ourselves to experience deep grief, horror, hopelessness or rage

- we carry guilt and shame over things that have happened in the past and we feel it's too overwhelming to face it

- we are avoiding facing change in our life - with healing often comes a change in outside circumstances

An authentic healing path can be painful, confronting, time consuming and expensive. But it is also life changing - not just for you, but the genetic and karmic lines also. I have worked with many people over the years whose life purpose is to heal as much as possible in this life. It sounds so simple it can easily be dismissed, but the path of healing leads to the path of enlightenment. The more we can heal and wake up as a collective, the more we can focus on helping this beautiful planet we live on. In my opinion this is why there is a movement towards healing and awakening - it's much more difficult to hurt animals, other people and then environment, when you know that you are that. The more of us that remember that truth, the more we can help.

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