• Shar Jason

Why am I Not Progressing with Awakening?

Awakening can feel like a never-ending pursuit at times. Sometimes you can even feel like you're going backwards.

It only takes a moment to realise the truth of who we are. As the veil of separation is seen through and we experience ourselves as the One, so begins a spiritual awakening. For most of us, this temporary grace is just the beginning. It's not so simple just to let go of the illusory self, even if you know it doesn't exist. There are complex layers, keeping the illusion in place.

So I could tell you that you're not the one waking up and it's all divine timing and everything is unfolding exactly as it should, which is true, but you (as awareness) were brought to this article, so perhaps this is what you need to hear.

Reasons why you may be stalled:

- It's time to let go of something such as a job or person, but you’re resisting it because you don’t want your life to change. Life will show you what needs to be released, but it's not so easy to do it. The next part of your unfolding may be delayed until that attachment is let go of.

- The emotional work goes very deep on the awakening path. We all like the highs - the openings, the big realisations, but awakening is about letting go of identification. A lot of where we're identified is around our emotions. As we tenderly face all our wounded parts, the attachment to the emotions can begin to unravel.

- There’s usually at least a few ideas about ourselves that we really struggle to let go of, where we are really identified - such as our career, being a parent, or believing we’re a good person. As long as we’re doing everything we can to hold that part of who we believe we are in place, it may slow things down.

- You are attached to your ideas about the future - your dreams, desires, and hopes. This voice sounds like “I’m happy to surrender as long as I still get to be a doctor, have children, be in a loving relationship…” Surrendering to the unknown means letting go of all ideas of how the future will look.

- You may have beliefs around awakening itself that are keeping you from progressing, such as what an awake person looks like, whether you deserve it or not, or whether it is even possible. If you believe that awakening is not possible for you for whatever reason, this may limit your progress. Spending some time contemplating your beliefs around awakening can be hugely beneficial.

Over time you begin to see that Truth always wins, you can only resist it for so long. So you begin to trust the process and allow Truth to guide the way.


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