• Shar Jason

Using Nature to Access Presence

We all know how good it feels to connect with nature, to go for a surf, to walk in a rainforest, to stroll along a river, but often our body is there but we are lost in our mind. The thoughts we have, take us away from being able to drop completely into the deep connection with the environment around us.

The enticing hypnotic trance of the mind pulls us away from this divine meeting with Gaia. We all have an inner compass that intuitively knows how to find it's way out of the trance and back into the present moment. Nature can help us to have better access to the compass. It is like the environment around us is gently beckoning for us pay attention to what is real. She puts on a display of presence and reality, ready for us to notice. As we worry, plan, problem-solve and reflect on our pain, Gaia constantly shows us our true nature and mirrors to us our potential.

Even as we judge the Earth, deciding some parts are beautiful and others not. Choosing flowers over weeds and grass over mud. She continues to be herself - raw beauty, in a state of flux, evolving and yet consistent. Setting an example for us, to be ourselves and to live from reality.

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