• Shar Jason

Unexpected Challenges of Awakening


As we deepen with awakening and spend years trying to navigate the fascinating but challenging path of unravelling the false self, we can come across some interesting challenges. This article is about some of the less talked about challenges that can arise.

Increased awareness - as you become more conscious and the trance of the false self starts to dissipate, you are able to see a lot more of the patterns that are running. You also get a front row seat to see how ego operates and what it does to keep you asleep. Although it is amazing to have this level of awareness and crucial to help unpack all the layers of the "me", it does come with its challenges.

As words come out of your mouth, you start to see all the lies and nonsense of the false self. You hear yourself in your mind or out loud: judging, comparing, trying to get power over someone, keeping yourself small, criticizing, trying to fix someone, telling yourself how amazing or stupid you are. Gone are the days where you can just go about your day, blissfully unaware of the separate self. Instead you have instant and often painful feedback about what you have left to work on, and no break from it.

Ethical dilemmas - many of us seem to get tied up in strange situations around taking responsibility, and whether or not you should be making decisions on behalf of others that are less conscious than you. This helps you to learn about complex lessons to do with truth, compassion, responsibility and ethics. You're often left perplexed and wondering if telling the truth was the kindest and fairest thing to do.

So tired - you start to really notice the weight of carrying around those false stories and keeping the identities in place. That past baggage, masks you wear, expectations and conditioning has a felt heaviness to it, and is exhausting. The deeper you go on the path, often the more tired you feel.

Emotional depth - as you heal and awaken you have a greater capacity to feel deep emotions. It is beautiful to have access to the full range of emotions, but there can be challenges that arise because of this. Where you may have been able to hold down emotions in the past, this becomes less possible. Perhaps you may have to change the type of work you do because you're not able to squash those emotions anymore.

You may end up being the one that is thought of as overly sensitive, someone that is weak or having a nervous breakdown. Many people will not be able to understand the emotional changes that are taking place within you.

Awakening in western culture has its unique challenges. Trying to go to work and pay the bills while your false self unravels, is not easy. It takes a lot of trust in the divine process and a real willingness to let your life be messy.

Your life is different from the majority and most people are probably not going to understand what is going on with you. The more you can accept this and make peace with the awakening process, the less resistance you'll have, allowing for the surrender process to work its magic.