• Shar Jason

True Freedom

Many of us crave a sense of freedom in our lives. We feel tied down by responsibilities and dream of life where we can just let go and be our authentic self, not limited by life's restrictions. But is it freedom of circumstances that we are chasing or a break from our busy mind? Would we feel free if we had some peace from the constant stream of thoughts? Repetitive past traumas haunt us, the fear of an unknown future, and conditioning of what we feel we have to do. It's easy to say that there is freedom in every ordinary moment, just let go and be fully present ignoring the pull of the mind, but it's not that straight-forward.

Our past will continue to arise, being triggered by an endless stream of outside and inside influences - such as other people, social media or trauma imprints held in our body. Luckily the past can be healed with the right help. The repeating patterns and traumas can be released to help ease the hold of the past, allowing for more access to presence.

The fear of the future is often multifaceted, with a mix between a fear of death and suffering, a fear of change, and a fear of loss of control, amongst other things. This is often shown clearly to us when we experience the death of a loved one. We suddenly have to face our own mortality and see that there is nothing we can do to avoid change - The Wheel of Life continues to turn, regardless of our hopes and desires. Ultimately we have no control, and this is a hard truth to face. Meditation and contemplation on death and control can help to face these truths. By facing them head on you can alleviate much of the suffering surrounding it, which is in a large part caused by the resistance to it.

Conditioning from our culture, family, friends, and media, can also prevent us from letting go into the present moment - into true freedom. We have been told what to think and how we should act. We are keen to fit in not wanting to be an outcast, so most of us do what is expected of us, often without question. But we are not a slave to our conditioning and can start to challenge these expectations by questioning why we do what we do and what we believe. It is challenging to go against the norm, to question our beliefs and dig deep to access what we truly want - but this is a path to freedom. A journey to find what we truly are.