• Shar Jason

The Delight of Relinquishing Control

As we go about our day we subtly control our inner and outer world, unconsciously trying to maintain a sense of stability. As part of the collective trance of separation we are conditioned to believe that we have a level of control in life. When we know someone that dies suddenly or gets a serious diagnosis it can hit us very deeply, as it illuminates to us that maybe we don't have the control that we thought we did.

As a child we may have felt very out of control in a dysfunctional and scary environment. It's understandable how we would then use control as a coping strategy. We start to adjust our behaviour and communication. We learn how to be different around people to keep the peace and to stay safe. As we see the influence that we can have over others it further enforces our belief that we have personal control. Deep in our subconscious we believe we can also be controlled by another, this is a part of the conditioning. This bouncing back and forth of having control or being controlled keeps the majority believing in the illusion.

Awakening begins to show us all the ways we control ourselves and our outside environment. We see deeper and deeper levels to the ways that we subtly manipulate another so they see our point of view or do something for us. We see how we change how we act around certain people, hold back on something that should be expressed, hold in emotions. This is shadow work for most people and it can be quite shocking to see all the ways we have been trying to get others to fit into our idea of what we want life to be like.

The more we see the ways we have tried to control, the more the illusion begins to dissipate. This allows you to open up to a new way of being, to explore what life would be like to hand over to divine intelligence. As we get out of the way and begin to trust that life knows what it's doing, we can go from feeling fear to freedom.

When we look to nature we can see this divine intelligence at work - no creature in control. All moving together like a dance, with room for change and evolution and everything just seems to sort itself out. When we remember that we are a part of this nature, we are another animal in this dance, we begin to access the true delight of relinquishing control.