• Shar Jason

Surrendering to the Unknown: Beyond Purpose and Meaning

The pursuit towards finding meaning and purpose can be an intuitive pull towards awakening. We get a sense that there is more to life, that there is an importance to our existence. Initially it gets us to focus on what is important, get clear on our values, and grow the innate instinct to serve. At some stage the enlightenment drive can be activated and the focus turns towards liberation.

As we deepen on the awakening path, the search for Truth takes over the search for meaning. Everything begins to drop away, including personal will, future plans, desires and longing for purpose. We discover that we know nothing, we don't know where our life is going, we have no direction and eventually we surrender to the unknown.

As the separate self lets go of control, we begin to see the truth about meaning. How the search for meaning itself was nothing more than a lure towards Truth. We feel the fullness of each moment, not wanting anything to change, completely satisfied with what is and no longer searching for meaning or purpose.

Over time the soul may fulfil a purpose perhaps simple or grand, but you no longer care either way. You experience the preciousness and delight of every moment, the eternal Divine experiencing itself in a mortal form. You realise that the future ideas of finding a purpose was only ever a dream, a fantasy in the mind. You land squarely back in the now moment with whatever life is presenting, satiated and content.