• Shar Jason

Our Connection to the Earth

It can be easy to forget in our western culture that we are animals, and are part of the Earth. We are flesh and bone, born onto the Earth and then held by her until we dissolve back into the ground.

We are not separate from the sand, oceans, animals or plants. The consciousness inside the trees is the same consciousness that is inside of us. We are a part of this dance of nature and the more we forget this truth, the sicker and sadder we become.

Believing we are separate from each other and everything else on this planet, allows humans to hurt each other, the environment and the animals.

Gaia lovingly allows us to use her resources and provides healing in many ways, including holding us in healing energy and creating endless plant medicines and food. The more we connect back with and support her, the more she can provide us. Incarnating on this planet is a beautiful balance of giving and receiving with Mother Earth.

The more conscious we become, the more we are able to deepen our connection with all creations on this beautiful planet. The more intimacy we have with everything around us, the more we are able to see the divinity in all things - then it is only natural to want to cherish and nourish the beauty that we see.

Spending time in nature can help us to remember who we truly are – and just how connected everything is.

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