• Shar Jason

Healing Karmic Patterns

We carry unresolved traumas and patterns into each life - this is our karma. It's not about punishment for past wrongdoings, it is a chance to heal what couldn't be dealt with in past lives. As our karma begins to heal and dissolve, we get to live from our true nature. We experience what it is like to truly live, as life, not as the separate somebody we believed ourselves to be.

You may have a karmic pattern of being abandoned and isolated, and have a core belief that "I am alone". Perhaps in past lives you experienced severe aloneness. Maybe you were shunned from a village or lived in an isolated place, with no connection to anyone. This pattern then continues to be a part of your future incarnations. In your current life you may attract situations that recreate the pattern, leaving you to feel completely alone.

Experiences occur in our life over and over again, until we see the pattern - until we see what has been holding us back, life after life.

It can help to look at what roles you may be playing in this life. Are you a victim, things always seem to go badly for you and other people take advantage of you? Are you a bully, you need to be right at all costs and intimidate others to make yourself feel more powerful? Are you a scapegoat, you carry the blame for others and feel like an outcast? What does having that dysfunctional role guide you into believing? That you are alone, lost, insecure, unlucky, unworthy? These roles are often carried over into each new life, and experienced in different ways. They are at the root of your karmic patterns.

A willingness to dig deep and look at the repeating patterns in your life, will start to bring awareness to the karma. Awareness can begin to unravel the layers, working through core beliefs and patterns that have been carried through multiple lifetimes. It can be helpful to look at the areas of life you have the biggest problems. What triggers you the most, what are your sorest points? Can you recognise a pattern?

Although it can be challenging work, with each wound that is healed you will see a change in your life, and a depth in your awakening. Over time you will begin to see that you were never a person with karma to heal, you were always whole and eternal.

"Anything you avoid in life will come back over and over again, until you're willing to face it - to look deeply into its true nature." - Adyashanti

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