• Shar Jason

Facing the Truth

Denial is a coping mechanism we use to help us to deal with certain aspects of our life that may be too painful for us to face. The worst part about denial is that we don't realise that we are immersed in it.

Perhaps a job or a relationship you have is not healthy for you. You suffer with endless struggles trying to get it to work, trying to get it to fit into your dream of what you want it to be. The outcomes and suffering show you again and again that it is not working - old patterns from the past arise and new lessons appear, to get your attention. These challenges are painful but beautiful gifts that are trying to help you to see the reality of the situation. They help guide you towards what needs to be let go of and healed.

If you can be open-minded enough to see that it's possible you may be in denial or not seeing the full picture of a situation, then life can begin to give you the answers to your questions. If there is a particular area of life that you are not making progress with, instead of trying to repair it in the same way you've always done, try talking to a healer or close friend about what you may be having trouble seeing. Often aspects that we can not see about a situation may be obvious to those closest to us.

When life is illuminating what needs to be seen, it is often revealing issues that you don't want to face. Sometimes it is highlighting things you have seen before, but is showing you a deeper layer to those patterns. If you are brave and willing, you can allow life to show you very deep truths about yourself. Life is truly your teacher.

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