• Shar Jason

Does Karma Exist?

It's easy to say that karma doesn't exist if you have had a reasonably easy life. Some may find the idea of it disempowering so it's easier just to not believe in it. If you were like me and had a challenging life, particularly in childhood, it becomes more of a logical conclusion. Why is one baby born in the slums and one is born into wealth?

No-one can really know how any of this works, but I'll give you my theory based on my own awakening experience and working with clients.

I use the word karma to describe what was unhealed in past lives and so it's carried over by the soul to the new body to get a chance to do what couldn't be done in the past. So it's like a second chance. I've noticed that people tend to have one or more themes or patterns that seem to reoccur from one life to the next.

For me it was the victim pattern. In past lives, something tragic would happen to me, which would cause me to believe that I was a victim. Sometimes I was the perpetrator but interestingly, I still saw myself as the victim in those lives. So through carrying this pattern into this life, it presented as me being in a violent household as a child, and so understandably believing I was a victim again.

Through a lot of therapy and the awakening process, this pattern finally let go. Through carrying this imprint it had formed a part of my identity - "I am a separate person that is a victim." Once I could not longer believe I was a victim, then I could no longer believe I was a person.

This "karma" I came in with, allowed for the healing and dissolving of this identity, enabling for a life beyond the illusion of a separate self. So it was not about punishment for wrongdoings in the past, it was a gift that allowed for the illusion of separation to be permanently seen through.

So there is nothing disempowering about it, quite the opposite really.

There's no necessity to believe in karma or past lives on the awakening path. Some people connect with past lives and some don't.

It can help those of us that have struggled with endless challenges to understand that it happened (or is still happening) for a reason. There is an opportunity to heal it while the soul is back in form, and through healing, we can finally abide in the happiness of our true nature.

It would seem that we as awareness, give ourselves endless opportunities to remember ourself, through this process of reincarnation.


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