• Shar Jason

Dangers on the Awakening Path

There are some words of caution I feel I should offer to you...

Just because someone has been told they can teach by a spiritual lineage that they come from, doesn't mean they're awake.*

Just because someone has access to shakti energy, (a palpable energy of presence which often allows you to experience your true self temporarily while around this person), doesn't mean they are awake.

Just because someone has lots of subscribers on YouTube and they're talking about awakening, doesn't mean they're awake.

Just because someone knows how to talk about awakening such as reciting Buddhist texts, doesn't mean they are are awake.

Just because someone has strong spiritual gifts such as channeling or healing ability, doesn't mean they are awake.

Just because someone is in a position of authority such as a spiritual leader, doesn't mean they are awake.

So why does it matter?

It's a beautiful thing, everyone sharing about awakening. The issue arises when someone is teaching from separation. Inevitably the message will start to become distorted by the conditioning of that mind presenting the information. This could present as just misinformation which can cause confusion, to unhelpful power dynamics - such as I am the guru and you are my followers (which is not Oneness), to cults.

Some get an initial opening, a taste of their true self and then the illusory self grabs hold of it and claims it as its own. So there may be an overlay of Truth in the message with a mix of that person's wounds and conditioning.

My advice (if you're interested) is to trust your gut. If something feels off with someone, it's probably for a reason. If someone is promising you enlightenment, charging exorbitant fees, wanting to have sex with you, or wants you to renounce your family, then my suggestion would be to safely remove yourself from the person/group.

If you have been following someone for years and not made any progress, that could be another sign that it's time to move on.

If you have a narcissist parent take extra care, as you may be attracted to a teacher, therapist, or guide, that has those same tendencies. Sadly there are narcissistic spiritual teachers out there. There is a lot of narcissist supply that can be gained from the admiration of their students.

I hope this article allows you to avoid these often painful lessons.

*I don't usually use the words asleep and awake when I talk about awakening, but for the purpose of this article I chose the word awake to make the statements clearer. What I mean by awake is that the illusion of separation has been seen though. That being has realised their true nature as the One and abides in this realisation permanently.


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