• Shar Jason

Challenges can be the Greatest Gift

When you're in the depths of hardship and suffering terribly, it can feel overwhelming and like there is no hope. These contracted, horrible moments in life can be a grace, if you allow it. The suffering can be an entry point into seeing what is real. When you feel like you have nowhere else to turn, you have an opportunity to go within and investigate what is really true.

When challenges arise, many of us will retreat to one our coping strategies - drinking, overachieving, overeating, controlling, numbing out. If you're fortunate enough to get tired of these escape patterns or they begin to stop working for you, then you have a chance for change.

Imagine that the difficulty you're experiencing is actually there to help you with awakening - to support you in finding freedom and happiness? This can allow you to begin to see the truth behind what is happening.

Extreme suffering gives you the motivation to try something new. To face what you've been avoiding and be open to a new possibility. When we can't hold it all together anymore, when our heart is broken open, when we admit defeat, then a breakthrough can happen.