• Shar Jason

Are you Unlovable or Unconditional Love?

love and truth

It is very painful to feel unloved. If we had challenging parents and a difficult childhood this may have caused us to feel like we weren't loved and even believe we are unlovable. This can be a karmic pattern, feeling unlovable life after life.

As our life continues we can feel like this wound is reinforced any time a relationship fails. We end up alone and feel it is evidence that proves that we can't be loved.

We can watch others that seem to have it figured out. They appear to be in love, they seem to understand it. We may even feel as though we don't know what love is and what it feels like to have someone love us. Love can seem like a mystery, and something that continually escapes us. We may still have relationships but we feel like we're missing something, that it's not the same as those others who are deeply in love.

This core wound of unlovability is a painful calling towards what is true. That the love that you feel like you are missing, is actually your true nature. You are unconditional love. But as we try to find love in this restricted physical reality, we can keep missing this truth. We are looking outside of ourselves to find what we already are.

To begin to locate this love we need to look inwards, starting with exploring self-love, and healing all the inner child parts that felt unloved. Some of us traverse the layers of self-love so deeply that we go beyond it, seeing that there never a person there to have love for itself. We then explode into the realisation that we were unconditional love all along, and that we never needed to go outside of ourselves to find it.

We may still explore love in this manifest world. Having different types of relationships and seeing all the ways love can be expressed - through having a partner, with a child, with a pet. But we deeply understand that although others may love us, we don't need it because we already are love. We feel full with the love that is our true nature and it pours out of us, overflowing to everyone around us.