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Under hypnosis, most people are able to access a past life memory that will reveal to them something they need to heal in their current life. With my help you will be guided to uncover a karmic pattern or theme that has been holding you back lifetime after lifetime. After looking deeply at this pattern and multiple past lives, I guide you through an extensive healing process. This is an intensive yet enjoyable healing that creates big positive changes in your current life. 


- Anxiety - most of us have had past lives where we have had to be hyper-vigilant such as during a war. This anxious energy can be carried over into future lives. 

- Depression - we have suffered and lost a lot in past lives. Unresolved trauma, tragic loss such as losing a loved one suddenly, or even just life not going the way we hoped, can all cause depressive symptoms that can be carried over into future lives. 

- Insomnia - we have had past lives where we were in a lot of danger and it wasn't safe to let go and sleep. Future lives can be affected by past life sleeping problems.

- Physical issues that can't be explained through traditional medicine - perhaps you died by get a spear through your back or you had chronic health issues in a past life, it's easy to see how this may be carried over into future lives.

- Phobias and irrational fears - maybe you died drowning or were locked in a confined space with a snake or rats? It's difficult for the soul to let go of these terrifying experiences and so can carry it through creating a phobia.  

- Obsessive-compulsive disorder - many of our past lives were dirty and unhygienic which alone could cause OCD tendencies, but you may have also worked in a medical field where there were serious consequences for not being clean or perhaps lived during the Great Plague where poor hygiene contributed to the death toll. 

- Trust, control or manipulation issues - these are some of the common themes that we explore life after life. 

- Spiritual awakening - you may have had past lives where you formed beliefs about awakening such as "I don't deserve awakening" or "I don't want to leave everyone behind". Perhaps you were a monk and were told you would never wake up. If you believed that, you may carry that into this life, unconsciously not allowing yourself to deepen into your being. 

- Emotional repression - sadly it has been very common for us to learn how to repress certain difficult emotions, and this can become a habit or repeating pattern life after life. Not being able to feel and express rage, terror, hopelessness, grief, shock, shame or any other challenging emotion, can stop you from making progress on your healing path. 

- Recurring nightmares - this can be a bit like PTSD flashbacks but of past life events. 

- Unlocking karmic patterns - this is one of the most beneficial parts to a past life regression and can create major healing in this life. Often the underlying issue is actually a pattern spread across multiple lives, such as always being the victim.  

- Understanding relationships - we seem to incarnate with the same main players in our life. A past life regression is a great way to understand relationship dynamics that have been circulating for centuries. 


The session costs A$190, is held on Zoom and goes for around 90 minutes to 2 hours. Please use the booking form below selecting the past life regression option. If you have any questions about this modality, please email info@sharjason.comFor terms and conditions, please click here