Past Life Regression 

Under hypnosis, most people are able to easily access a past life memory that will reveal to them something they need to heal in their current life. With my help you will be guided to uncover a karmic pattern or theme that has been holding you back lifetime after lifetime. After looking deeply at this pattern and multiple past lives, I guide you through an extensive healing process. This is an intensive yet enjoyable healing that creates big positive changes in your current life. 

It can assist with:

- anxiety or depression

- insomnia

- physical issues that can't be explained through traditional medicine

- phobias and irrational fears

- obsessive-compulsive disorder 

- trust issues

- control or manipulation issues

- spiritual awakening

- emotional repression

- recurring nightmares

- unlocking karmic patterns

- understanding relationships

The session is held online on Zoom or from my home at Ocean Shores NSW Australia and goes for around 2 hours. Once you purchase below through PayPal, I will email you to schedule a time to work together. 

Past Life Regression

$190 AUD