Trees and Mountains


I support you to discover what is real and true. It is an intuitive process that meets you where you are, and illuminates what you would benefit from seeing. It may uncover karmic and generational patterns, wounds, beliefs, or behaviours that are keeping you in the trance of suffering. Through healing and integrating the parts of your ego that are keeping the story in place, your false self can start to let go of control, allowing you to live from reality. 


- getting clarity about a repeating pattern and guidance on how to let go of it

- understanding and healing the karma you brought into this life

- seeing the truth of a situation, for example learning the underlying dynamic of a relationship

- seeing where you keep yourself small, hide, and avoid stepping into your authentic power

- uncovering a core belief that is hindering you such as "I am unlovable" or "I am worthless"

- facing the emotions that you have been avoiding or repressing

- understanding how your conditioning is keeping you from living from your true nature

- uncovering what is preventing you from being present 

Layer upon layer is uncovered and unwound until you see that you were never that separate self you believed yourself to be. None of those beliefs, traumas, karma or conditioning were ever you. It was just an illusion, a self-hypnosis, an innocent misperception. Then you get a chance to truly live - to be free.  


It’s important when you work with a healer that you feel you can trust them. I offer a free 15 minute chat on Zoom where you can meet me and we can decide whether the healing work I offer is suited to you, at this time in your life. Please use the scheduling system below. 

The healing session costs A$120, is held on Zoom and goes for 60 minutes. Please use the form below to schedule your appointment. I also offer a package of five healing sessions for A$500, please email me at if you would like to purchase. For terms and conditions please click here