Esoteric Healing

My healings gently uncover a wound, pattern or belief that is holding you back in some way, something that is hidden to you. Having worked as a professional intuitive and healer for many years, I use my channeling and empath gifts to uncover what needs to be seen and healed. I am there to support you with whatever happens during the session and it can involve inner child work, breaking a belief, creating action steps, sitting in healing energy, accessing past lives, emotional work and countless other methods.


If we continue to work together, the sessions go deeper and often into shadow work and healing karmic and generational patterns. 

This healing can assist you with:

- getting clarity about a situation, seeing the truth of what is happening 

- understanding challenges within relationships such as codependency and karma

- seeing what you are resisting and how that is effecting your life

- building confidence and independence

- seeing what is stopping you from manifesting what you want in life

- anxiety, depression, apathy, OCD, phobias, trauma

- seeing what is blocking your spiritual awakening from deepening - where your identity is holding on

- emotional blocks - what is stopping you from feeling the full range of emotions

- issues surrounding control and manipulation

It’s important when you work with a healer that you feel you can trust them. I offer a free 15 minute session on Zoom where you can meet me and we can decide whether the healing work I offer is suited to you, at this time in your life. Please email me at and we can schedule a time.

The session is held online on Zoom or from my home at Ocean Shores NSW Australia and goes for 90 minutes. Once you purchase below through PayPal, I will email you to schedule a time to work together. 

Esoteric Healing

$150 AUD