Mount Fuji


Awakening is a fascinating but challenging journey. As the illusion of a separate self starts to fall away, many questions start to arise. It is a steep learning curve about the nature of reality, how your ego is constructed, how your mind works, and the intricacies of the awakening path. Deep emotions, pain in the body, confusion and disorientation can arise. The body is cleansed and nervous system is balanced, as deeper and deeper layers of healing take place. 

I have walked this path and did many things the hard way. This helped me to learn how to guide others towards a smoother path. I deeply and personally understand how painful it is to feel separate and to go through the intense unravelling of the ego.  


- support through the chaotic times, sometimes you just need to know that what you're going through is normal and that everything is on track


- facing the aloneness and fear that arises during awakening

- understanding how your ego is constructed

- unpacking a pattern or belief that is preventing you from going deeper, such as a belief like "I don't deserve awakening"

- guidance on how life is showing you the next step and illuminating what you may benefit from seeing

- understanding your coping strategies and attachments

- uncovering a core belief that is keeping the illusion of separate self in place such as "I am unlovable" or "I am worthless"

- facing the emotions that you have been avoiding or repressing

- understanding how your conditioning is keeping you from living from your true nature

- uncovering what is preventing you from being present

- how to get the most out of your meditation practice 

- relevant and specific self-inquires to help point towards what is true and real


I offer a free 15 minute chat on Zoom where you can meet me and we can decide whether the support I offer is suited to you, at this time in your life. Please use the scheduling system below. 

The session costs A$80, is held on Zoom and goes for 50 minutes. Please use the form below to schedule your appointment. I also offer a package of five sessions for A$350. If you would like to purchase a package, please email me at I offer a discounted rate for those who are in severe financial hardship, please email me for more information. For terms and conditions, please click here