Answers to Common Questions about Awakening

How do I surrender?

Surrender is a natural process and you don't need to do anything. When the time is right a small or big piece of the story will let go. Perhaps a belief or a karmic pattern. Often it is only in hindsight that you realise something has dropped away. To support the surrender process you can do work around letting go of beliefs, work with someone that can help you to heal karma and trauma, or learn about your repeating patterns. Then do your best to get out of the way and let the Divine do its thing. Watch the video below to find out more about surrender.

What can I do about all the fear I'm feeling on the awakening path?

There is a lot of fear and terror that can arise at times on the awakening path. For some people fear is one the major challenges throughout the unravelling process and for others it just arises from occasionally, particularly when the false self is starting to let go of control.Like everything uncomfortable that arises on the path, the fear will need to be faced, but you can ease into it. Try allowing yourself one minute to really go into it, to feel it fully, to not be distracted by anything else. Then take a break. Notice how you're ok, nothing bad happened, it's just an emotion. Try to dig into the fear more and more. There is no way to avoid feeling the fear, you will have to go through it. It’s scary to let go of control, to deep dive into the unknown. But know that if you’re having to face existential fear, it’s because you’re ready. Remind yourself of all the times you’ve had to face fear in your life, and you’ve always survived. It can be benefical to get the help of a healer or therapist if you have a lot of early childhood trauma that could be adding to the layers of fear.

What is Non-duality or Oneness?

Everything is the one consciousness and nothing can be separate from it. Non-duality means not separate, or only one. Oneness means there is only one consciousness. Everything is God/Brahman/Source/The All That Is - the unborn and the undying, but also manifested into form. Nothing can be apart from it - literally nothing. A murderer, the wind, an annoying noise, a flower. When you have the shift where you're living from Unity Consciousness, then this is how you perceive the world. You are unable to see anything else as separate from you. You see yourself, as God, everywhere.

Why do I feel so alone?

A very painful part of the awakening journey. Not only can you become more physically alone with people in your life dropping away, the unbelievable aloneness cycles around and around, going deeper each time. There is a lot to be learnt through this aloneness. You learn that you don't need anyone else, you let go of your unhealthy attachments to others, you learn how to be completly independent, you take responsibilty for your life. The further along you go the more you begin to realise that there actually is no-one else there. There is only you - as Consciousness, seeing yourself everywhere. So you are alone but you're also everywhere. This is scary for the false self to see, it feels like it's the only person on the planet, totally isolated. But it's just a phase as the adjustment is happening into Unity. There is no aloneness felt once that shift has taken place. It's just the egos way of trying to understand what is happening. Dive into the aloneness, don't run from it, it won't be there forever.

Do I need a spiritual teacher/guru/mentor?

It is helpful at times to have someone that is further along on the path, to help keep you accountable. It is very easy for the ego to hide out, thinking that it's working hard towards awakening, when you're not really making much progress. As far as following a teacher, there are so many options out there and so much information. If you follow too many teachers at once you may start to get confused. Even if they're all awake and speaking the Dharma they may contradict each other, depending on which way they teach. Following just one or two teachers at a time should make things less confusing. Also trust your intuition when choosing a teacher, guru, mentor, healer etc. If something feels off, it's probably for a reason. Anyone promising enlightenment, wanting sex from you, or telling you that you need to devote yourself just to them, is probably dodgy.

How do I trust the awakening process?

If you have trauma around trust, it can be challenging to trust the awakening process. You are giving up your life to the unknown. This can be scary, particularly if you feel you've trusted the wrong person in the past like a fake teacher/cult leader/false prophet. You may have trouble trusting your judgement, particularly around spiritual matters. Working through the layers of trauma and karma around trust can really help. Learning to trust your inner guru and find the truth for yourself is very important but this can be difficult initially. It can help to work with a therapist or healer that can help you to tune into this inner knowing. Over time you'll begin to see that everything that is happening is for the benefit of awakening. It may not be pleasant, life may be hard, but it is occuring so you can live from Truth. When you start to see through that lense, you realise that the challenges occurring are actually a gift. They are showing you the way home. Consciousness wants to remember itself and is in love with itself, it will do what is best for itself. Over time you'll be able to see this and be able to give yourself to the process.

I feel like I'm not getting anywhere with awakening, how can I progress?

This might be for a variety of reasons but most commonly I find that people stop making progress if they're not doing the deep psychological healing work required on the awakening path or they've done therapy/healing but are not going deep enough into shadow work. You may need to find a specialist that is right for you at this time, and that may not be awakening related. For example, if you have childhood trauma, perhaps you need a trauma specialist. If you have an addiction, then maybe you need a psychologist that specialises in addictions. Look at what life is telling you, the answer is always there, you may just not want to hear it. Please read this article for more information about progressing on the path:

Why am I crying all the time during awakening?

It is normal to cry a lot during an awakening. The crying is a healing and cleansing process, helping layers to the illusory false self to drop away. The heart is cleansed over and over, allowing for a deeper capacity of emotions to be felt. There is a lot to be sad about and awakening brings up everything that was buried to the surface - past traumas, feeling separate, yearning for home, inner child parts that felt unloved. You also start to have access to the collective wounds and trauma. You cry for the state of the world, for the animals, for the endless suffering in general. Walls in the heart that have been put up for protection, start to dissolve. You cry so much that the heart is left raw, exposed, and vulnerable - everything you have been avoiding feeling all your life. This raw open state, allows for something beautiful to take place. With no more illusion in the way, you now have access to the spiritual heart. It opens to eternity including everything within it - all of the pain, beauty, horror and bliss. It returns to its natural state of unconditional love and sees itself everywhere.

Why am I losing motivation and feel flat all the time?

As we venture further on the awakening path we may start to notice that our motivation to do things begins to wane. We may have had all these ideas about what we wanted to achieve, but now they don't seem as interesting, or there is no energy to start engaging in the activites. This can leave us feeling quite flat, almost depressed, like we're not really living. This is the loss of the personal will, "my will". This has been the way we have been operating in the world, it is all we have known to this point. Awakening is taking this way of functioning away, bit by bit. We are transitioning to "thy will", God in control of its vessel. It is a different way of being and it takes time to get used to it. There is often a period between the personal will dropping away and the new way of being, where you feel like you're in limbo. You can't operate in the way you were before, but the new way hasn't kicked in yet either. This can cause that flat feeling. It's just a stage and it will pass. Do your best to trust in the Divine process that is unfolding.

Is the world an illusion?

This teaching seems to do the rounds and cause a lot of confusion. We can sense a world is here so how can it be an illusion? Even if we close our eyes it doesn’t disappear- we can still smell, hear and feel the world.

So the world is there. The formless manifested into form - Earth and all her beings. God being the sun, a rock, the air, a baby. Everything we can sense is there in the world of form.

The illusion is our perception of the world. When we perceive the world through a conditioned mind, believing we are a separate person, we are unable to see the world for what it truly is.

When a crow flies past we see our idea of a crow - a label and whatever we’ve been taught about crows. We see something separate to ourselves. This is the illusion.

Imagine if the crow flew past and you just experienced it directly - no labels, just an energy moving through awareness. A part of awareness moving past another point of awareness, observing itself.

Awakening gives you chance to see the world for what it truly is - billions of different points of awareness for the Divine to know itself.

Reality is the world we know, just without the overlay created by the conditioned mind.