Butterfly on Branch


Much of the awakening journey is a self-guided process and life will show you what you need to see. Repeating patterns and tests help you to heal and deepen on the path and everyone has a unique unfolding. There can be times when some support can be helpful. Sometimes we may be unconscious to a behaviour or pattern that is preventing us from moving forward.


- At times it can be difficult to know if what you are going through is normal. It can be helpful to have someone who has traversed the path to help point the way forward. 

- We have unknowingly created an identity, who we believe we are. This is made up of many layers of conditioning, beliefs and ideas and creates a sense of a separate person - the me. It can be helpful to see the layers to this illusory self, to understand where you're getting identified, so you can let go of the story. 

- We all have access to the divine wisdom that we are, you could call it the inner guru. I support you in learning to trust this inner knowing.

- We carry karmic imprints and beliefs into each life until sufficient healing takes place. A pattern such as "I am a victim" or a belief such as "I don't deserve awakening" may be preventing you from going deeper.

- Life is showing us what we need to see and what the next step is. Sometimes it is hard to accept what we're being shown and we can overlook the truth because it's painful. But resisting what is inevitable only keeps us stuck and suffering. I gently guide you to see what life may be showing you.

- We all developed coping strategies to deal with the challenges of living on Earth. At one stage of our life it was the safest thing to do. Awakening starts to naturally dissolve these coping mechanisms, but sometimes we hold onto ways of coping that we would benefit from letting go of. Often this is difficult for us to see on our own. 


- Sometimes we are holding onto things that are unhealthy for us and this can hinder our progress on the awakening path. It can be difficult for us to see where we are attached because we are emotionally involved. ​​​​​​

- Extreme aloneness cycles around from time to time on the journey. It can be very confronting to feel so isolated and alone. Although this aloneness is a necessary part of the unfolding, it can help to have techniques and guidance to deal with it as it arises. 


I offer a free 15 minute meeting on Zoom for people who haven't worked with me before, where we can decide whether the support I offer is suited to you at this time in your life. Please use the scheduling system below. 

The session costs A$80, is held on Zoom and goes for 50 minutes. Please use the form below to schedule your appointment.




Please provide over 18 hours' notice for cancellations and rescheduling. Less than 18 hours’ notice will unfortunately result in a forfeit of the full fee. For full terms and conditions, please click here.